International Delegation highlights the reasons that make Valle del Cauca a powerful region for the investment in Hass Avocado, Invest Pacific
10 October 2019

A delegation comprised of around 20 entrepreneurs and both foreign and national entities were connected for two days with the potential which the region offers for all the Hass Avocado supply chain.

This tour was organized by Invest pacific, with the support of ProColombia and in alliance with entities such as Valle del Cauca Governor’s Office, The Regional Competitiveness Commission, The Chamber of Commerce in Buenaventura and Buenaventura’s Port Society.

With a very positive balance ended the avocado tour: “Connect with Buenaventura’s Port and Valle del Cauca’s agroindustrial potential” which, during two days from Friday September 27th to Saturday September 28th, gathered 20 entrepreneurs and entities both foreign and national, which highlighted the comparative advantages that the region offers for the entire Hass avocado supply chain, from its farming and production to its packaging and commercialization.

The delegation comprised of officials and business leaders from Japan, Korea, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Spain and also from Colombia. The Tour included a visit to “La Rochela” hacienda, a big farm located in Trujillo’s Municipality in the northwest region of Valle del Cauca, with widespread hectares for the farming of Hass Avocado. They also got to know the process of Pacific Fruits’ Packing House, a company from Valle del Cauca dedicated to the production, commercialization, and export of Hass Avocado and Tahiti Lemon, which is reaching markets such as Argentina, Perú, USA and Europe-where they export 95% of their production-.

The second day of the tour took place in Buenaventura’s Port. They visited Buenaventura’s Port Society, one of the main and biggest in Colombia, which counts with more than 14 docks and a specialized infrastructure for Container handling, solid bulk, liquid bulk and multipurpose.  They also took a tour around the bay to observe other Main Port Terminals: Buenaventura’s Container Terminal: TCBUEN (European Investment) and The “Aguadulce” Terminal (Asian Investment). They also had the opportunity to talk with authorities and district entities.

“This visit’s balance is very positive. We wanted the leaders to know first-hand the Hass Avocado and its Supply Chain in Valle del Cauca. The delegation left with a new knowledge and a great enthusiasm for all of Valle del Cauca´s agroindustrial potential, which we expect to materialize in new investment projects furthermore, that will contribute to strengthen our business network, for which we will be working in synergy with the state entities from both the public and the private sector so that we can continue guaranteeing an environment of trust for the business growth.” Informed Alejandro Ossa Cardenas, Executive Director of Invest Pacific.

Precisely, the arrival of foreign companies from Peru, Chile, USA and Mexico, dedicated to the farming of Hass Avocado during the last three years in Valle del Cauca, reaffirms this great potential that the Colombian region has for all the Hass Avocado supply chain, making it one of the most attractive for the establishment of this type of agroindustrial projects.

Companies such as  Camposol (Peru), Green Fruit Avocados (USA), Agrogénesis (Perú) and Agrícola Ocoa (Chile), are an example of the investments in Hass avocado which have recently been established in Valle del Cauca’s territory, with branches in the municipalities of Sevilla, El Dovio, Versalles, Caicedonia, Trujillo, Argelia and Bolivar.

“Thank you very much for this invitation. It was very interesting to visit from the farming to the avocado packaging process, as well as the Port, which was a dream to get to know it. I emphasize the synergy among all the entities because all the players are working side by side and I think that this is what makes Valle del Cauca a very valid option for the investors, to feel welcome and to have answers to all their doubts.” Highlighted Marjorie Inghels, Commercial Advisor of Belgium’s Embassy.

“On this mission, I have witnessed the efforts that Colombia has done for the development of the countryside and I leave very satisfied with having done this field research, in the farms, in the port terminals. One of the things that caught my attention was the color of the soil, which is quite fertile and could have great potential in agricultural terms” indicated Yoichi Fukuda, from the Japanese company Royal CO.

On the  other hand, Isabella Mariño, Regional Director of ProColombia, highlighted all the contribution that the region’s business network could do for both the local companies and the incoming investments. “For example, cases such as Pacific Fruit, which have already gone through a valuable learning curve, are helping us so that other companies of the region continue strengthening their processes, exporting and motivating more investors. On behalf of ProColombia, we contribute by accompanying this business network and the investors”.

According to María Victoria Vásquez, manager of the Regional Commission of Competitiveness, one of the competitive advantages of Valle del Cauca is the connectivity, because “we are a valley without distances. Due to our location, we can easily access local markets -towards other departments- and international markets. The 42% of the External Commerce of Colombia, without considering the mining and energy sectors, have an exit to international markets through Buenaventura’s Port”.

This tour was organized by Invest pacific, with the support of ProColombia and Valle del Cauca Governor’s Office, The Regional Competitiveness Commission, The Chamber of Commerce in Buenaventura and Buenaventura’s Port Society.

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Andrea del Pilar Barrero
Marketing and Communications Director