Valle del Cauca Garnered Third Place in South America as the Most Attractive Region for Direct Cost-Benefit Foreign Investment, Invest Pacific
07 January 2015

The British daily Financial Times (FDI Intelligence) is a major Direct Foreign Investment research center in the world and a go-to reference for FDI decision-makers. The fDi Intelligence ranking examines 5 quantitative cost criteria: hotel, business set-up, property registration, construction permit and salaries.

Its 2014-2015 fDi Intelligence ranking for South American States of the Future (‘departments’ in Colombia) places Valle del Cauca 3rd out of 237 for direct-foreign investment, because of its direct cost-benefit foreign investment – companies get more bang for their buck in the region. Valle del Cauca also ranked 8th in South America for its investment attraction strategy.

This is the first time Valle del Cauca has been brought onboard for international FDI rankings, and opening at 3rd place is evidence of efforts made at visibility, reliability and economic dynamics.

\”This is great recognition for our efforts on several public-private sector investor fronts to attract investment to Valle del Cauca, create jobs and improve the lives of our citizens. We still have a ways to go on bolstering our bilingualism and security, but we are on track,\” said the Governor of Valle del Cauca, Delgado Blandon. \”Proving ourselves attractive to investors through our cost-benefit ratio means catching the ear of investors settling into Valle del Cauca by creating just this kind of buzz on profitability and good investment return,\” he added.

Valle del Cauca 8th in South America for its investment attraction strategy.

The fDi Intelligence ranking also took a look at investment attraction strategies spearheaded by investment promotion agencies, which led to recognition for Invest Pacific as the 8th best foreign investment agency in South America.

This study delved into number of staff and their level of training, annual budgets assigned to promote investment, strategic initiatives, active promotion sectors, available foreign investment government incentives, digital marketing strategies, regional investment-potential pinpointing tools, infrastructure and urban planning projects, costs and marketing slogans.

Maria Eugenia Lloreda, Director at Invest Pacific, stated “this ranking is a source of pride for everyone at our agency, not just for our in-house staff, but also for all the companies that involved in our financial support, who are also our strategic allies. Marketing our region is an on-going task that entails clear-cut talk and attractive unique value proposals aimed at companies who do overseas trade within the Pacific Basin.”


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