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Agribusiness in Valle del Cauca

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Valle del Cauca is considered to be the most relevant region for Colombia’s agroindustry, thanks to its ample and renowned agriculture figures: represents 22% of the national industry; 35.3% of the country’s total agriculture production (25.9 million tons); fourth avocado producer and third exporter of such fruit.

This region has the greatest crop area in the country, with more than 708,000 hectareas suitable for farming, of which 360,000 are available.

With just 1.9% of the country’s territory

Agriculture production of

(10.2% of the national production)
0 million tons.


of Colombia’s industry
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of Colombia’s agroindustry
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Buenaventura, which is Colombia’s main seaport on the Pacific Ocean that moves 43% of the country’s international trade, is located in Valle del Cauca. Adding to the fact that the region has the best road infrastructure in the country, and excellent crop yields, Valle del Cauca is the best productive and exporting platform for the agribusiness sector.

Its strategic location allows an easy access to the main consumption centers of the country (including Valle del Cauca), as well as international markets through the Port of Buenaventura for international trade operations.

A prominent feature of Valle del Cauca’s land is its high yield levels, which are greater than the national average in different crops. The region offers all type of crops year-round and is the greatest sugar cane producer in the country.

Wide-ranging land productivity,microclimates and available skilled labor

65% of the territory
located between

1,100 - 2,300 mts.

above sea level

Main aquifer


of Colombia’s

Average daily
sun radiation

(3.7 in mountainous areas)
0 hours

Average annual precipitation

0 mm.

Two rainy periods

March to May/
September to November

Relative humidity

75% - 80%

Some companies of the Agribusiness sector in Valle del Cauca

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