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Last update: 30/09/2022

The demand for containers and packaging in Colombia has had a positive trend in recent years. Between 2012 and 2021, packaging imports represented more than USD $314 million. As per the type of material of the packaging, the most demanded have been plastic, paper and cardboard. This positive trend in the demand for containers and packaging is expected to continue in the next two years and it is expected to reach 42.2 billion units of packaging sold by the year 2024.

The most consumed units of packaging in 2022 by category were flexible packaging, with 18,800 units, which are those made of light materials such as aluminum, paper and plastic; followed by glass containers in the shape of bottles and jars, with 7,845 units; rigid containers, such as PET-type bottles; and plastic trays, compressible plastic tubes, with 7,618 units.

Other types of packaging are: cardboard containers for liquids, which are made of cardboard with high rigidity and coating, designed to contain liquids (Tetrabrik type); metal containers: aluminum trays, aerosol cans, metal cans for the industry; and paper packaging such as tubular containers, folding boxes and cups.

In terms of the use of the packaging, the industries that consumed the most package were food (51.4%) and beverages (44.4%), which together represent one of the sectors where Valle del Cauca stands out for its leadership in sales in Colombia, and which is complemented and strengthened thanks to the network of specialized packaging companies such as Alpla, Carvajal Empaques, Amcor, EPL and MM Packaging that respond to current market needs.

As of 2021, producers of goods that use packaging must reincorporate into the production cycle a minimum percentage of 30% of packaging waste with respect to the total amount by weight of containers and packaging placed on the market, which may be done through reuse, energy assessment, and/or reprocessing of the packaging.

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