Valle del Cauca a leading region
in multinational companies

Last Update: 12/09/2022

International companies in Valle del Cauca

foreign capital companies
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Established in the region since 1938

Contribute 40% of exports

Contribute 20%
of the regional GDP

Valle del Cauca has a diverse and world-class business network, with more than 200 foreign capital companies with active operations across the region. Most of these companies have settled in the department not only to serve the local market but also to take advantage of the region’s advantages as an export platform.

Valle del Cauca is known as the ‘multinationals cradle’. These multinationals have been in the region since 1938, growing along with the development of the region. These include Ingredion, Unilever, Cargill, Baxter, Nestlé, Abbott, Goodyear, J & J. They are companies from different sectors that have their production plants in the region.

Vallecaucan companies are national leaders in many economic sectors such as packaging, pharmaceuticals, fruit, poultry, pig and ethanol production. The region is home to 4 of the top 10 software companies in the country and the largest in terms of BPO, Carvajal Tecnología y Servicios. It also has Colombia’s largest exporters of confectionery, textiles, pineapple and frozen fruits.

Multinationals have a presence in 20 municipalities in the region, reflecting the wide range of services and high added value offered by this territory

In addition, it has nine cluster initiatives led by the Chamber of Commerce of Cali, whose main purpose is to connect companies across the main supply chains in the area, with ample business opportunities and totaling more than US$10 billion in annual sales.

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