Investment environment in Valle del Cauca

Last update: 13/09/2022

Valle del Cauca’s business ecosystem is complemented by the quality of life provided to locals and foreigners alike. The average cost of living in its capital city, Cali, is the third lowest in Latin America as well as the most efficient income-to-cost-of-living ratio among Colombia’s major industrial regions.

0 Hospitals

Part of the top 10
in Latin America

4th Fundación Valle del Lili
7th Centro Médico Imbanaco

Cali’s mass
transport system

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“Salsa capital
of the world”

Best South American Cultural Destination

Sports Capital
of America

Also, the average housing rental cost is the lowest in the Americas. Compared to other Latin American cities, Cali offers the same quality of life standards as Panama, Costa Rica or Uruguay, but at a much lower cost.

It has high quality health services Fundación Valle del Lili and Centro Médico Imbanaco, both located in Cali, are ranked as two of the ten best hospitals in Latin America, placing fourth and seventh respectively, according to the recent América Economía ranking (2021)

It has an unparalleled cultural richness, with exuberant gastronomic and scenic destinations, placing Cali as the best destination for bird watching, as the ‘Salsa Capital of the World’; the ‘Best Cultural Destination in South America’ and the ‘Sports Capital of America’.

It has more than 90 dance schools, 17 world-class sports venues, 4 golf courses, exhibition halls, galleries, theaters and museums.

The city is undergoing urban renewal with the construction of new shopping malls, technology parks and public recreational spaces. It has a mass transportation system called ‘MIO’, whose routes cover 93% of the city.

investment environment, Invest Pacific
investment environment, Invest Pacific