Valle del Cauca a multimodal region, in Colombia

Last Update: 31/08/2022

Valle del Cauca is a multimodal region in Colombia, with dual carriageways, an international airport and the Port of Buenaventura, the most important port in the country on the Pacific Ocean. It also has the largest port area in the country, it moves 43% of containerized cargo and has direct connections with 50 ports around the world.

Buenaventura Port is the closest to the country’s capital, the most cost-efficient way to serve 65% of the domestic market. It has five terminals, two of which are the product of both European and Asian investment respectively. This allows for easy access to the Pacific Basin market, 13 countries in the Americas, 17 Asian countries and 19 countries in the South Pacific.

In addition, the region is home to seven free trade zones, and it is responsible for 30% of exports from Colombia’s free trade zones. This strengthens its position as a productive and export platform for the Pacific basin.

The Buenaventura port

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of Colombian container cargo

Alfonso Bonilla Aragón
International Airport


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of first level primary roads

Cali is host to the first free trade zone in the country, which specializes in technology companies and global services, Zonamerica. On the other hand, Cali, capital city of the region, stands out for having one of the best connections to broadband Internet service in the country thanks to its direct connectivity to the Pacific submarine cable and the local autonomous fiber optic network.

Valle del Cauca has a first class road network, with approximately 830 kilometers of primary roads in excellent condition, connecting the Cauca Valley with all of Colombia. It also has an international airport, Alfonso Bonilla Aragón, with 90 weekly flights to destinations in the United States, South America and Europe; and more than 30 daily flights to the capital of Colombia, Bogotá.