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Distribution centers  in Valle del Cauca

Valle del Cauca is known for its ideal position of entry to Colombia’s “gold triangle” (geographical area between de country’s main cities: Cali, Bogota and Medellin) in the sense that is the region of entry and exit to the Pacific Ocean, through the Port of Buenaventura.

Its location is more cost-efficient for the logistic chains that involve the domestic market and a strong supply chain operation with Asia. Likewise, operations that include consolidation of cargo, inputs and final products with a corporate strategy aimed to serve the regional andean market and latin american pacific are also handled more competitively from this part of the country.

Valle del Cauca’s position can serve 71% of Colombia’s domestic market within a 500km radius by land transportation, this added to the fact that it has the country’s best highways and a gifted geography for heavy load transportation, contributes to ranking Valle del Cauca as the second most efficient region in Colombia for logistic operations with a global focus.

The region is also considered cost-efficient in terms of operating costs, given real estate costs in warehousing and labor costs for distribution center operations are lower than other major cities in the country and latin american region, as well as cargo transportation from and to the Port of Buenaventura.

distribution centers, Invest Pacific

Port of Buenaventura

mobilizes 43% of Colombia’s
international trade

Distribution centers in Valle del Cauca, Invest Pacific

Ideal location to serve

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of the domestic market

Second most efficient region

To develop a global logistic operation

  • Real Estate costs in warehousing
  • Labor costs
  • Cargo transportation costs

The presence of free trade zones provide great tax and tariff benefits for companies that operate their distribution centers for the import of inputs or consumer goods for the domestic market.

All of this is possible thanks to the logistic cost efficiency the region offers, given its strategic location, broad road network and proximity to the international airport and Port of Buenaventura.

Companies with large scale distribution center operation in Valle del Cauca

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