Colombia participated in the ‘2024 Korea international electric and energy industry exhibition’

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Colombia participated in the ‘2024 Korea international electric and energy industry exhibition’

The Embassy of Colombia in the Republic of Korea and the Commercial Office of Procolombia in South Korea are pleased to announce their successful participation in the ‘2024 Korea International Electric and Energy Industry Exhibition’, held at the International Commerce Pavilion (COEX) on April 3rd, 4th, and 5th. This year’s edition focused on the role that transmission and distribution equipment for electrical energy plays in energy transformation, electric vehicles, and renewable energy generation.

The participation of Colombia consisted of a seminar titled “Colombia as a gateway to the Americas: Colombia as a gateway to the Americas,” in which business strategies for expansion into Central America, South America, and North America from Colombia were presented. The seminar generated interest among companies in the sector linked to the generation, transmission, distribution, and use of electrical energy, which is closely related to the Ministry of Commerce’s Industrialization Plan and National Development Plan of the current government that seeks the decarbonization of the economy. This seminar, conducted in collaboration with ProColombia, Invest Pacific, and the Korean Electrical Manufacturers Association (KOEMA), took place in the morning of in the COEX Seminar Area. The event saw the participation of approximately 25 representatives of Korean companies and held spaces to address any inquiries during the seminar.

The seminar showcased information about Colombia and business opportunities in the country through presentations by Colombian Ambassador Alejandro Peláez, ProColombia’s Executive Director in Korea, Shirley Vega, Invest Pacific’s Investment Manager Mauricio Concha, and the KOEMA Vice-president, Woo-sik Lee.

Concurrently, the Embassy had a permanent booth providing detailed information to visitors about Colombia as a Korean investment destination for the electrical equipment sector and the capacity of the country to serve as an export platform for these products to the American continent.

ProColombia is a Colombian government entity attached to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism whose activities are centered on the promotion of the country as a destination for foreign investment, , exports of value-added products and services to global markets, and tourism. It had commercial offices in 28 countries, including Korea, where it oversees strengthening commercial relations of both countries.

Invest Pacific is the entity that leads the promotion and attraction of foreign direct investment in the Valle del Cauca department to foster a favorable business climate in various business sectors. The Valle del Cauca department, the development hub of southwestern Colombia, offers significant advantages due to its economic structure, competitive costs, infrastructure, and connectivity with the Pacific.

KOEMA, the Korea Electrical Manufacturers Association, on another hand, is an organization that contributes to the promotion of Korea’s electrical industry and the development of the national economy, as well as being the leading organizer of national and international trade fairs.

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