We joined in the launch of Empleatura

empleatura launch, Invest Pacific

We joined in the launch of Empleatura

250 young people from Buenaventura will participate in technical training processes, with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Buenaventura, the Inter-American Development Bank, ProPacifico – through its ‘Compromiso Valle’ (Valle Commitment) initiative, and Comfenalco.

Invest Pacific joined on February 1st, the official presentation of Empleatura, a training program that will benefit 250 young people under conditions of vulnerability, led by the Chamber of Commerce of Buenaventura, ProPacifico – through its ‘Compromiso Valle’ initiative, and the Inter-American Development Bank -IDB-, which will feature academic training sessions by Comfenalco Valle Delagente.

During its initial phase, Empleatura will benefit young people between 18 and 28 years of age, with education courses adjusted to their needs, thus contributing to employability and the economic and social development of the region.

Milady Garces Arboleda, Chair of Chamber of Commerce of Buenaventura, stated: “this will be an opportunity to put together a public-private employability model that allows young people from the Buenaventura District to be trained in technical skills for employment opportunities where such positions represent a greater potential”.

“Compromiso Valle is committed to Buenaventura’s youth; in that sense, we have the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Buenaventura and funding the Inter-American Development Bank. The Bank believes in Buenaventura, precisely because both the Chamber of Commerce, and ProPacifico are endorsing our commitment, which is for young people to get the job and training of the matter, and for their quality of life to improve”, stressed Maria Isabel Ulloa, Executive Director of ProPacifico.

This launch event also fostered an outreach between beneficiaries and guest corporate leaders, namely: Gustavo Cadavid – General Manager of Customer Service Operations for Amazon Colombia, Alejandro Ossa- Executive Director of Invest Pacific, and Victor Julio Gonzalez- Executive Director of the Buenaventura Guild Associations Committee, who were part of a panel, moderated by the executive directors of ProPacifico and the Chamber of Commerce of Buenaventura.

“I’m excited to be here in Buenaventura to facilitate this dialogue that allows us to find synergies toward the development of bilingual human talent in the region, along with other opportunities. In Amazon we are happy to support local talent, which is why we applaud the launching of Empleatura, and the drive to encourage the young people of Buenaventura to pursue a successful professional experience through targeted actions which connect them with the private sector”: said Gustavo Cadavid, General Manager of Customer Service Operations for Amazon Colombia.

Through this programs, the Chamber of Commerce of Buenaventura reaffirms its commitment as local development agency, and continues to work toward strengthening the District social tissue, providing continuous support to the people of Buenaventura to consolidate new productive endeavors.