Newsletter 36 – Foreign companies committed to Palmira’s development

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Newsletter 36 – Foreign companies committed to Palmira’s development

Palmira is one of the 18 municipalities where foreign direct investment has been established in the geographical valley of the Cauca River.

Palmira is one of the Valle del Cauca’s cities that has gathered the most foreign direct investment and has all the conditions to continue focusing its efforts on attracting more foreign companies. In fact, 34 of more than 196 multinationals that are present in the region today, have operations and are generating formal employments in Palmira.

One of these companies which has strengthened the region’s agribusiness sector is Managro, of Israeli origin, which acquired the operations, brands and machinery of Pacific Fruits. It is a leading company in packaging and marketing of agricultural products, especially hass avocado.

Another foreign company that has trusted the region is Rodríguez López Auto, a Spanish-born manufacturing company dedicated to the production of ambulances. The only factory outside Spain is in the Pacific Free Trade Zone, in Palmira, from where they serve the Latin American market.

Attracting more foreign investment to the Villa de las Palmas

To continue generating more investments such as these, in line with the path of economic recovery and reactivation of the region, the Mayor’s Office of Palmira, through the Office of Entrepreneurship and Development, has been developing a joint effort with Invest Pacific to attract more investors to the city, contributing to the creation of more jobs for its population and promoting productivity.

“In partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Palmira and working together with the Management of Entrepreneurship and Development, we are positioning the city as a destination for national and foreign investment. The goal is to attract investments that can result in formal, dignified and direct employment, sophisticate its productive apparatus and diversify the export basket of the region and the country,” explained Alejandro Ossa Cardenas, Executive Director of Invest Pacific.

Just in the last decade, with the arrival of investment and reinvestment projects to Palmira, around 2,100 jobs were created having a positive impact on Palmira’s population on all social levels.

“We see Palmira as an engine that fosters exports, high-value-added productions and high-technology manufacturing, which are helping shape the city’s economy. Likewise, it is a city with great tourist potential, due to its exceptional conditions, the commitment of its entrepreneurs and institutional leadership, which make it attractive for investment,” said Mauricio Galan, Tourism Program Leader from the Office of Entrepreneurship and Business Development of the Mayor’s Office of Palmira.

What makes us so attractive for investors?

Palmira is having a revitalized moment in the attraction of foreign capital, which sees in the city a destination of opportunities and productive, commercial, business and social development.

As the only multimodal region on the Colombian Pacific, Valle del Cauca is an excellent export platform. These competitive advantages have allowed foreign companies to continue to arrive to the region, with great employability capacity thanks to the human resources available in the territory.

The region has the Buenaventura Port and its five harbor terminals. It has 6 free trade zones with a logistical and industrial vocation, two of them located in Palmira; the best highway network in Colombia and the Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport.

Last but not least, Palmira is focusing its efforts on the training of bilingual human talent, promoting from the educational system the improvement in the professional profiles of Palmira’s people. The goal is to get more companies, especially from the 4.0 industries, to come to this city and positively impact the available human resource.

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