Invest Pacific among the top investment promotion agencies of 2018

Invest Pacific among the top investment promotion agencies of 2018, Invest Pacific

Invest Pacific among the top investment promotion agencies of 2018

Invest Pacific has been recognized by Conway’s magazine Site Selection as one of the best investment promotion agencies in Latin America and te Caribbean. This prestigious mention was based on the work done by the agency on attracting Foreign Direct Investment to the region, contributing to its development and economic growth of Valle del Cauca.

Conway is a specialized consultant focused on supporting international expansion projects, influenced by American and European companies that have a magazine called Sit Selection Magazine, that offers global localization intelligence, with information about FDI and updated information about economic development for professionals, executives and consultants in charge of expansion projects from around the globe. 

This year the magazine selected Invest Pacific as one of the best Investment Promotion Agencies from around the world, highlighting its role on economic development and job generation in the region. In order for this recognition to take place key elements like professionalism, preparation, team leadership, relationships with foreign investors from the region, support given to investors that already arrived in the region, supply of specialized and customized information, accompaniment during the investment process and a web page with accurate information and ease of access were taken into account.

Invest Pacific currently shares this mention with Bogota´s Invest and other international investment promotion agencies like Kotra from Korea, Invest HK from Hong Kong, Dubai FDI, GTAI Germany Trade & Invest from Germany and ProMéxico.

After 7 years of activities in Valle del Cauca Invest Pacific has achieved positive results for investment in the region where over 80 projects have been supported. Companies with an industrial vocation and service oriented like Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, Aptar, Marriot hotel, Lafarge Holcing, DirecTV, Hero MotoCorp among others have invested and reinvested an amount that surpasses USD$780 million, generation more than 7.000 jobs in the department.

The trust and recognition of installed companies that have received our support have been of utmost importance to solidify our foundations as an Investment Promotion Agency. We feel proud of helping our region develop and receiving this acknowledgment to our work. In 2017 more than 22 projects arrived in the region with investments over USD$200 million and more than 2.000 jobs were created, improving the sophistication of our business sector, and further diversifying the country’s export basket.

It is important to highlight the support and articulation efforts that Invest Pacific has done in the public and private sectors to position Valle del Cauca as the ideal destination for FDI. We are convinced that Valle del Cauca is the best place to invest, that is why we will continue working passionately and with a sense of ownership, so that the best opportunities keep arriving to the region.

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Andrea del Pilar Barrero
Marketing and Communications Director

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