Hero is the Indian company that, through its more than 30 years in the market has become the worldwide leader in motorcycle manufacturing. They manufacture about 7 million motorcycles a year, all of which they produce at their four sites in their country of origin, from where is sent to Africa, Asia and Latin America.

In 2015, Hero launched their production plant in Villarica, Cauca, thus becoming the most modern one of South America. Colombia was regarded as an excellent option to invest in, given the markets they can access due to the country’s strategic location and the great market deman for motorcycles within Colombia.

“Hero’s arival to this area of the country was based on its strategic location, comparative advantages and the fact that from Villarica aservice platform will be ser into motion, no only for customers within Colombia, but also in Central America and the Andean market”. Pawan Munjal C.E.O of Hero MotorCorp.