ZONAMERICA, the Free Trade Zone for services, born in Uruguay in 1990, which through its solid technological foundation, space design, modern infraestructure and services, develops the creation of business centers.

In the expectation of replicating Uruguay’s ZONAMERICA model, Valle del Cauca was chosen, and more precisely the South of Cali given its strategic location, the affluence and proximity of universities and the financial benefits brought into for such an important project. The site will be built upon 38 hectares that will contain about 18 buildings, office spaces, fitness centers, restaurants and a conference centre, among a great number of services which expects to create more than 17.000 employees, thus becoming the biggest service and thecnology center in Colombia.

“We’ve invested in Colombia because we believe the country is going through a process of transformataion and modernization as well as an extraordinary financial, political and social development. ZONAMERICA in Cali will provide greater development opportunies for the region, as it was in Montevideo (Uruguay), where the companies lodged within represent more than 1.8% of the Country’s GDP”. Jaime Miller, ZONAMERICA’s C.E.O.