Hass Avocado continues to draw the World’s Player’s interests

Hass Avocado continues to draw the World’s Player’s interests, Invest Pacific

Hass Avocado continues to draw the World’s Player’s interests

  • On the first day of this journey, the delegation approached the avocado production from its’ plantation, in a farm located in Trujillo, to its’ packaging process for export and distribution, from a Packing House.

Near 20 officials and entrepreneurs, from different organizations from Japan, Korea, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Colombia, had the opportunity to know how the Hass Avocado’s chain of production works in the region, during the first day of the tour: “Connect with Buenaventura’s Port and the Agroindustrial Potential of Valle del Cauca”.

During the first day of the event, organized by Invest pacific, sponsored by ProColombia and in alliance with entities such as Valle del Cauca’s Governor’s Office, The Regional Competitiveness Commission, The Chamber of commerce in Buenaventura and Buenaventura’s Port Society-, The delegation visited “La Rochela” Hacienda, located in Trujillo’s Municipality, northwest of the Department and Pacific Fruits packing Co., located in Palmira.

Alejandro Ossa, Executive Director of Invest Pacific, rated this tour as a “power experience”, as he was giving the official opening for the tour, in which the attendants were able to identify the ideal weather conditions, the productivity provided by the region’s land, as well as the competitive and economic advantages that Valle del Cauca has for the production and commercialization of this fruit.

, Invest Pacific

Precisely, “La Rochela” Hacienda is an example of the areas with which Valle del Cauca counts with for the Hass Avocado Crop. This farm counts with more than 50 hectares cultivated with this variety of the fruit and has plans to grow into more than 150 hectares.

“We are located in a very privileged area because it is a very accessible one, it is very close to Buenaventura’s port and we have the process plant very near. We are currently in harvest and processing in the “Frutales las Lajas” plant in Zarzal and precisely today we are dispatching a container to Europe along with a Peruvian Company.” Stated Luis Duque, from “La Rochela” Hacienda.

“La Rochela” is a family tradition company with 30 years of experience in agriculture and that, in the last 20 years, has been dedicated to the production of common and organic coffee. They recently entered the production of “papelillo” avocado and lately, of Hass avocado. So far 2019, they have managed to produce between 15 and 16 tons of the fruit per hectare cultivated.

, Invest Pacific

The region’s weather conditions for the Hass avocado crop, as well as the proximity to the port to meet some of the markets, are some of the reasons that make Valle del Cauca a widely attractive area for potential investments, as was expressed by Ana Maria Lancheros, Investment Manager for the Agroindustrial Sector.

Izabella Jaworska, Expert representative for the Polish Agency of Commerce Investments, with offices in the city of Bogotá also stated that “almost all year long you can grow and have the fruit, here we grow high-quality products and hope to learn much more so that we can tell our investors” expressed Jaworska.

Valle del Cauca has the third place among the Colombian departments with the highest export performance (around 3.8 million US dollars).

, Invest Pacific

Following the visit to the farm, the delegations made a complete tour through the avocado packaging process from the packing house of Pacific Fruits, one of the three packing plants which the department has.

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This Saturday’s visit will take place in Buenaventura, where the entrepreneurs and entities will connect with the comparative advantages which the Region’s port offers.

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