Cyber Security Zone 2012

Cyber Security Zone 2012, Invest Pacific

Cyber Security Zone 2012

The ‘Valle del Pacifico’ Event Center held a series of Cyber Security workshops from December 3rd to 5th.

Cyber Security is on everyone’s mind, and to properly address it the II Cyber Security Conference was held in Cali from December 3rd to 7th at the ‘Valle del Pacifico’ Event Center with a host of public- and private-sector attendees: Muro Group, the Valle del Cauca Investment promotion agency, Invest Pacific, the Cali Mayor’s Office, the Colombian National Police, ISC, International Standard for Information Security, ACOPI, and the Association of Colombian Finance Executives.

The first 3 days of the conference were dedicated to simultaneously conducted world-specialist workshops on VoIP platform security monitoring, techniques for ferreting out malware, wireless protocol vulnerabilities, Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attack analysis and the nation’s much-needed new skill of Network Forensics to effect a shift in competitiveness and complement a wide gamut of administrative and in-house security measures in all corporate settings.

Cyber Security Zone 2012 was the perfect venue for catching up on the latest in cyber security, display cutting-edge products and services, as well as to strengthen business ties with strategic allies, such as IBM, OLIMPIAIT, TRUSTWAVE, VARONIS, TENABLE, SECURITY INNOVATION, WEBSEC, AURORA and CORE SECURITY, among other veteran IT industry giants who set up exhibits during the conference.

Invest Pacific works hard to draw fresh direct foreign investment to Valle de Cauca and generate jobs and sustainable development for the region. It also strives to facilitate new-company set-up around the region with companies such as, Zonamérica, Avanza, Hotel Marriot, Hotel City Express, Vectrix, PriceSmart, and Ortobras by coordinating a Foreign Investment Committee to track the needs of the 70 installed multinationals, as well as lend support for re-investment projects these companies launch.

For further information, please contact:
Victoria Eugenia Molina
Communications and Marketing Coordinator at Invest Pacific
Landline: 893-7882
Mobile: 300-823-4403 or 318-871-8762

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