The biggest Afro business association in the world will be visiting Cali

The biggest Afro business association in the world will be visiting Cali, Invest Pacific

The biggest Afro business association in the world will be visiting Cali

The potential of the city region and the wagers for its progress will be presented to the National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC).

The city region has competitive advantages that are focused on: a diverse business fabric; its disposition towards international markets; high levels of development of its human capital; presence in foreign investment; the primary services pole; the most developed and sophisticated vial net in the country; an international airport; and Buenaventura’s port – the country’s main port in the Pacific Coast as the commercial canal to Pacific Asia.

For such reasons and others, NBCC will be in the city – event organized in collaboration between the Secretary of Economic Development in Cali, and the Promotion Agency for Investment in Valle del Cauca, Invest Pacific. During their visit, NBCC will evidence the economic and business potential of the region which will allow value connections between the entities as well as contributing to the strengthening of the city’s businesses. 

“This is a business association of African Americans interested in investing in Colombia and they’ve chosen Cali for being a diverse city and with active participation of the Afro population. Furthermore, it’s been chosen for its competitive potential as a service city. From the Maurice Armitage Administration, we aim to improve the income generation and opportunities of the people of Cali and the Afro population. We will present to them all investment possibilities in different sectors from infrastructure, services, and technology, among others. And we hope these businessmen will take back with them the best image of the city region,” manifested Angélica Mayolo Obregón, Secretary of Economic Development in Cali.

“Invest Pacific, in collaboration with Cali’s City Hall, through the Secretary of Economic Development, continue to strengthen the promotional strategies and relation between global key players and our local business fabric. The visit from these business owners affiliated to such an important Chamber of Commerce, represents an opportunity to explore related projects and stretch commercial bonds with the region,” informed Alejandro Ossa Cárdenas, Executive Director of Invest Pacific.

NBCC is the biggest Afro business association in the world, established in 1993. It has more than 200 local headquarters in 40 states in 50 nations. The Chamber is dedicated to economically empower and sustain Afro American communities, through the business spirit and capital activity within the United States and through the interaction with the Afro-diaspora. Cali has the greatest concentration of Afro Colombian population in Colombia, with 1.1 million people; and it is the second in Latin America.

During their visit, the president and co-founder of NBCC, Harry C. Alford will be present. He is characterized as the most important persona in the empowerment of Afro American businesses in the United States. He uses a visionary concept of what Afro descendants should do to occupy their place in the primary economic current. Creator of a global organization that has won its place in the table of the White House and in the higher ranks of corporative America.

Harry C. Alford, president, and CEO stated, “The NBCC has been working diligently for over 10 years to bring our businesses and resources to Colombia.  Our goal is to work with the Federal, State, Municipal, and Territorial interests of the public, private, and civil society. The NBCC has signed MOUs (Memorandum of Understandings) with the City of Cali, Comfandi, The University of Santiago de Cali, and the City of Quibdo. The purpose is to: to increase opportunities for Small Businesses, and industries of Cali and the Pacific Coastal areas with members and affiliates of the NBCC throughout the diaspora. To work together to reduce the barriers of trade and investment. Demonstration of social responsibility; and job creation for economic empowerment”

Other North American business owners interested in connecting with Cali businesses related to bioenergy, bio-business, and construction will also be participating. They will be looking to create relationships and increase the possibilities of a commercial network between Cali business owners and NBCC.

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