Tostao’, the coffee with a social aroma that came to Cali

Tostao’, the coffee with a social aroma that came to Cali, Invest Pacific

Tostao’, the coffee with a social aroma that came to Cali

“‘Tostao’ Pan y Café” (Bread and Coffee) is a renowned Coffee shop chain recognized by its social commitment, with the policy of making their products of accessible consumption to any social level, while providing employment opportunity to those enduring vulnerable social conditions, which makes it the first company in Colombia to hire ex-convicts as part of the staff.    

The chain, which launched for the first time in Bogota in 2015, arrived this year in Cali creating about 40 work positions and pursuing its expansion plan throughout the country.  According to the company, each branch generates 5 to 6 work positions. 

Its first store in the city capital of Valle del Cauca launched in the month of November at Caelum Hostel located in the Centenario neighborhood, across street from Jairo Varela Square.  At the hillsides and the south of Cali, there are also two branches in the neighborhoods of Siloe and Pance.

The city of Cali is Tostao’s third regional branch operation, with the assistance of the Investment Promotion Agency for the Colombian Pacific –Invest Pacific-.  Its goal is closing 2018 with 394 stores established in the country, 20 of them in Cali and other neighboring areas like Yumbo and Villagorgona.

The company set its eyes on this city/region having found a warm human resource and service quality that encompasses with its policies, as highlighted by Maria Alejandra Olano – Customer Service, Communications and Social Responsibility Counselor when stating: “Human talent, its trained, dynamic and helpful people, plus being the second city with more bakeries in Colombia, was our motivation to forecast ourselves in Cali and Calle, as we noticed a very interesting expansion market in terms of the customers’ preference for bread and coffee”.

In terms of social responsibility, she emphasized: “Among our staff we have senior citizens, young adults, LGTB, and we are the first company in the country to hire ex-convicts; this is important because we are a fully inclusive business.  To us the principle of being consistent to our corporate mission is key, and for it not only to be reflected on our customers but also throughout our organizational culture!”.

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Andrea del Pilar Barrero
Marketing and Communications Director

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