Brazil and Argentina, target countries to attract more investment to Valle del Cauca

Brazil and Argentina, target countries to attract more investment to Valle del Cauca, Invest Pacific

Brazil and Argentina, target countries to attract more investment to Valle del Cauca

From March 10th to the 19th, Invest Pacific will be visiting companies and potential investors of the manufacturing and services sector, interested in exploring investment opportunity in the region.

In the last nine years, the Agency has supported the arrival of 38 investment projects belonging to the manufacturing sector, which have represented a flow of USD$ 530 million, generating 2,300 new sources of employment in the territory.

The manufacturing sector continues to be one of the great contributors to the growth of Valle del Cauca and an important driving force of the domestic industry. More and more foreign entrepreneurs place their vote of confidence in Cali and Valle del Cauca to grow and reach more markets, thanks to fact that they find in the region the only multimodal platform on the Colombian Pacific, with the capacity to serve all of the countries of the Pacific Basin.

In the last nine years, with the support of Invest Pacific – The Investment Promotion Agency for the Colombia Pacific, 38 investment projects belonging to the manufacturing sector have arrived to the region representing a flow of USD$ 530 million, generating 2,300 direct employment opportunities.

With the aim of attracting more investment from this sector to the region and looking for companies that contribute to the substitution of imports, Invest Pacific started since Tuesday, March 10th 2020 an international mission to the two countries with the largest economies in South America: Argentina and Brazil. The mission will last until March 19th, led by the Invest Pacific’s investment manager of the manufacturing sector, Mauricio Concha.

In Brazil, the agenda will be held from March 10th to the 13th in São Paulo, seeking to promote and attract investments of the Metalworking, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, and Home and Personal Care subsectors. In these countries there will be meetings with trade associations such as the Brazilian Association of Machinery and Equipment – Abimaq- and the Brazilian Association of APIs Industry -Abiquifi-. In addition, with the support of Ápex Brasil, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, there will be one-on-one meetings with entrepreneurs of the manufacturing sector.

In Argentina, the mission will be held from March 16th to the 19th, in the cities of Buenos Aires and Córdoba; here, besides promoting the manufacturing sector, the investment opportunities in the subsector of IT & Software will also be explored since, according to the model of investment potentiality of ProColombia, Argentina is one of the pioneers and leaders in the development and innovation of industries 4.0 in Latin America. For this reason, the agenda in that country includes meetings with software development companies and with the Chamber of the Argentine Software Industry-Cessi.

The international missions are part of the actions that are performed by Invest Pacific to position Cali and the various towns in Valle del Cauca, in the most important markets in the world, as a strategic destination for foreign investment, consolidating the region as an export platform for the countries of the Andean region and the Pacific Alliance.

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