Fiber Optic Cable Production Plant Opens in Valle del Cauca

Fiber Optic Cable Production Plant Opens in Valle del Cauca, Invest Pacific

Fiber Optic Cable Production Plant Opens in Valle del Cauca

The Furukawa Group made its initial in-roads into Colombia through its 3,200-sq meter fiber optic cable manufacturing plant at the Pacific Free Trade Zone in Palmira with an initial investment of $5 million dollars that generated 25 direct jobs and nearly 200 indirect ones. This plant was the first of its kind in the Andean region and the 3rd Furukawa plant in South America: its other 2 plants are located in Brazil and Argentina.

Even though Furukawa has been selling structured cable in Colombia via distributors, the construction of its 10,000-km/yr. fiber-optic cable plant represents a real regional impact as a multinational by meeting 40% of its needs.

\”Valle del Cauca has a lot going for it that justifies our presence here, and it all comes down to location: it’s close to a port and it’s in the Pacific Basin. Furukawa has many Atlantic-based plants, so being here in Valle del Cauca has been a geo-strategic move. We can see the region developing from its strong university and labor pool base. The inhabitants of Valle del Cauca are cordial and open to foreigners. Furukawa is a Japanese company with a global presence and we can really say that we feel right at home here in Valle del Cauca,” said Foad Shaikhzadeh, President of Furukawa for Latin America.

The opening of this production plant also allows Furukawa to consolidate its fiber optic product line and network infrastructure by addressing the broadband and FTTx markets where fiber optics can really boost user experience over current technology.

Furukawa’s distribution hub is poised to meet Andean region needs for outside-plant network infrastructure solutions fiber-optic and copper structured cable solutions from its Free Trade Zone location. Their new setting will render them a rapid-distribution responder and be a boon to all Furukawa partners across the region.

María Eugenia Lloreda, Executive Director at Invest Pacific, stated, “this is a great opportunity for Valle del Cauca and for the nations, because Furukawa follows the top-notch Best Manufacturing Practices, which will foster tech transfer, Best Practice enhancements, better customer service, and more! The arrival of this caliber of companies boost our potential for pulling in downstream side-line companies to this particular production chain.”

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