Good practices and initiatives of the foreign capital companies in Valle del Cauca

Good practices and initiatives of the foreign capital companies in Valle del Cauca

Through the message ‘#WeAreStillConnected for the region’, the Investment Promotion Agency, Invest Pacific, supports the foreign capital companies with their requirements in the midst of the impacts generated by the pandemic. In addition, from its digital platforms, it showcases the efforts of these companies in order to continue with their operations, and how they are being supportive and responsible with their employees and with the region.
These companies belong to the manufacturing, agro-industry, logistics and services sectors, which are contributing to the recovery of the economy and to the social development of Valle del Cauca. All of this hand-in-hand with regional and local institutions and with the business network of the region. Learn about these good practices:

Cargill Colombia

Complying with all the safety measures to protect its employees, the company Cargill Colombia continues to operate from Valle del Cauca in order to contribute to the food security in the country and to meet the needs of the community.

Rodríguez López Auto

The Spanish company Rodríguez López Auto, located in the Pacific Free Zone, from where it makes ambulances to attend the South- American market, offers to the emergency services in the region its prepared and high-quality healthcare vehicles to meet any eventuality.

Sitel Colombia

Taking care of their associates and following the recommendations of the authorities, Sitel Colombia joins the companies that in the midst of this contingency continue to provide their services to the community.

Reckitt Benckiser Colombia

This British multinational, with more than 60 years of operations in our region, is another foreign-capital company that is being part of the solution in view of the Covid-19 situation.


The multinational company Yara, leader in premium fertilizers, which has a plant in Yotoco (the largest in Latin America, inaugurated in 2018), continues its operations from this plant committed to the health, food security and the development of the region.


Another foreign capital company, in the services sector, present in our city, tells us how the company managed to anticipate the effects of the pandemic, to ensure the provision of all its services.

This Brazilian company, manufacturer and marketer of wheelchairs, tells us how they continue their operations in the region and encourages the support and promotion of the national industry.


In order to contribute to the growth of Cali and Valle del Cauca, even in times of crisis, Zonamerica, the first large multi-company campus of Colombia, has continued with its activities, taking advantage of the new global context to reinvent itself and face new challenges.

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