Invest Pacific will promote investment in the Pacific Alliance countries

Invest Pacific will promote investment in the Pacific Alliance countries, Invest Pacific

Invest Pacific will promote investment in the Pacific Alliance countries

Since April 17th Invest Pacific and other foreign investment and promotion agencies will visit Chile, Perú and México, countries that are part of the Pacific Alliance and that are key for continuing strengthening Colombia’s development, growth and competitiveness in the Pacific basin.

During this mission Invest Pacific will meet with investors and entrepreneurs of the Pacific Alliance in the cities of Lima, Santiago de Chile, Monterrey, Mexico City, also expecting to visit Querétaro and Puebla. The main objective is to showcase investment opportunities with the most potential offered by Valle del Cauca in sectors like agroindustry, renewable energies, pharmaceutical industry, BPO, ITO & KPO, logistics, metallurgical industry, automotive industry, cosmetics and personal & home care.

This joint initiative between Procolombia and Invest Pacific will present the advantages that Valle del Cauca has to offer for investment. A region known for being strategically located in the middle of the Pacific Alliance countries with access to a potential market of 220 million people, this has allowed the region to consolidate as the most important exporter towards the countries of this group.

It is important to highlight that this region has received foreign companies for more than 60 years. Today more than 150 foreign companies have settled there, including 20 companies from México, Perú and Chile that have been benefited by trade, logistics and cooperation agreements from the Pacific Alliance. Thus confirming Valle del Cauca’s vocation to act as the epicenter of the most relevant activities of these cluster of nations.

The expected outcome of this activity is to materialize new opportunities from these countries in Valle del Cauca, a department that also offers a solid business foundation and qualified labor for different sectors with growth potential. Invest Pacific will continue its efforts to promote Foreign Direct Investment in the region and working so that we continue being the ideal place for project expansion.

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Andrea del Pilar Barrero
Marketing and Communications Director

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